Week 4(2)

Week 4(2) - thoughts Princess bride-an ex of us trying to...

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Week 4(2) Thinking about others' awareness of us -thinking about other ppl thinking about us hehe ;p -remote lounge bar in new york -all over the bar, there were little video cameras recording the ppl & wherever u were sitting, there was a screen and u could all watch each other - hehe also had a telephone button to make phone ring next to you -lots of entanglements of social involvement -theory of mind - we have a theory that other ppl have minds (like we do too!) -why does everyone remember "elevator logic"? -cuz he revealed wut other ppl are thinking - basically confirming our
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Unformatted text preview: thoughts Princess bride-an ex of us trying to figure out what other ppl think of us so we can adjust our thoughts and get what we want from others Bob kleck and strenta-hehe the scars were imaginary - the "sealant" was really makeup remover Ego depletion-even wen two acts of self control not related, your mental self control gets "depleted" - it gets tired out and is harder to do the second activity-all deal with the right ventrolateral prefrontal cortex - is a self-control muscle - makes sense that if u use it a lot in a task, u tire it out...
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