Week 4(3)

Week 4(3) - -we use the same categories, static, and...

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Week 4(3) Free will -most of what we do are more like on autopilot unless our conscious reflective processes says "no" - best to prevent us from acting on our impulses -we have automatically will and free "wont" What is the relation of automatic to controlled processing? -we tend to think of automatic processing in terms of controlled processing Lecture 5: what is the self? -when asked who you are, what do they all have in common? -group membership/categories -are all static (most of them haven't change since you were born) -we pick long and enduring categories to describe ourselves and many of them are the same as wen we were born - none of us are the same as when we were born -also…most of the things we say about ourselves is what other ppl would say about us (a stalker! Or someone hired to watch us) -its funny how most of what we say to define ourselves can be said by others
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Unformatted text preview: -we use the same categories, static, and relatively observable categories-whats missing? Complicatedness (too complicated to explain)-we also tend to omit negative comments about ourselves-we also tend to omit our immediate experiences and we tend to not think that it's a definition of what we are (but some would argue that the present is ALL we are cuz all else is in the past/a memory)-we tend to omit our aspirations for the future, and yet as humans, we are so defined by our future aspirationsso why dont we say it? Humans are the only species defined by what they imagine for the future and so much of what we do in the moment is for the future-if u imagine a pool table and wonder why a ball rolls a certain way, its cuz somewhere in the past made it - the ball doesnt decide for the future...
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Week 4(3) - -we use the same categories, static, and...

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