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Week 4(4)

Week 4(4) - unsure about the self-interesting point if you...

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Week 4(4) Lets play the “who am I” game except with "what can we take away" and u'd still be you? -we tend to carve our identities from different contexts (hypothesis!) - ie called matt with one group of ppl and professor by us - would act differently -thinking about ourselves isnt as straight forward as it seems -his goal today is NOT to teach us, but to confuse us =) but…we will need to know facts for the exam - his goal is to make us more
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Unformatted text preview: unsure about the self-interesting point: if you get amnesia and forget ur past, studies have shown that u'd still be the same person (if in same environment) - u'd tend to like the same things and old friends, except those old friends u have that are like "legacy" friends ie friend from 4th grade - now u just wont like them - wont have those memories that make u feel "obligated" to friend them...
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