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Week 4(5) - -Consciousness-Associative links and spreading...

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Week 4(5) Week 4 DISCUSSION -talked about White Bears – below is the handout -Ch 1: Mental Control -Freud, James and Dewey -p.11 “Concentration and suppression are opposite sides of the same coin” -Ch 2: Wellsprings of Suppression -We tend to suppress thoughts that stop our thinking -Self-control, secrecy and mental peace -Ch3: The Mental Apparatus -Metacognition
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Unformatted text preview: -Consciousness-Associative links and spreading activation-Ch4: Self-Distraction-p.76 “…first aid in a psychological emergency”-When does it work?-Pitfalls?-Ch 5: Remote Control-Treating ourselves as though we are a different person-When does it work?-Pitfalls?-Ch6: The Will to Disbelieve-p.120 “The key to disbelieving is having something to believe...
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