Week 4(6)

Week 4(6) - happen to us-truth is all the things we use to...

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Week 4(6) -video clip from dark city - aliens came down wanting to understand the human soul and every night at midnight, they have a tendency to stop time and everyone but 2 ppl fall asleep -point of this clip: -these aliens are somehow going in and changing the psychological dna of all these ppl while they're asleep & turning them into different ppl with different cells -what we just saw, aliens switched two poor ppl (a couple) and place them in a wealthy condo and make them well to do folks - as though nothing was different soooooo how can any of you be sure that what we just watched didn't
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Unformatted text preview: happen to us?-truth is, all the things we use to be sure of who we are is fallible-memories are fallible and we tend to forget them too - when push comes to shove, we cant be sure of the things today and yet we are built to continue as though it doesn't matter-evolution doesn’t work well if everyone is worried with identity crisis - some of the way we are built arent always the best way we are built & some things we think are intimately our own self aspects, are really things that seem to serve the group more than the self...
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