Week 4(7)

Week 4(7) - -we are all made of atoms and that is all there...

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Week 4(7) Paradoxical self metaphors -the one lecture we actually need to know the names of the ppl on the exam Relation of the self to the body -the history of this all -prior to the middle ages, philosophers generally say "soul" to refer to what we think of as the "soul" (the spiritual self that lives on after death) and the self Democritus
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Unformatted text preview: -we are all made of atoms and that is all there is-the soul is physical and made of atoms-this is the very first person who said it's all physical Socrates-know thyself - understand urself and what u are as the unknown self is not worth living Plato-socrates' student-arguing against demicritus-first instance of argument for dualism...
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