Week 4(8)

Week 4(8) - -one way to get famous is to disagree with ur...

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Week 4(8) Aristotle -plato's student -tried to make a hybrid of plato and demicritus -everything is physical (demicritus), but if u get them organized a certain way, u would get some things that weren't ther -ex: hydrogen & oxygen - u can get water, but if u don’t put in that combination, wont get water - hydrogen and oxygen aren’t intrinsically wet, but if u put it together a certain way, u do - so if u put atoms together, can get the soul/self - he gives example of violin and sounds violin makes -he is NOT for dualism, but this is probably the modern view
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Unformatted text preview: -one way to get famous is to disagree with ur teacher Temporal aspects of the self-jumping deep into the dark ages cuz during dark ages, no1 really said anything - mainly just fought and said nothing for over 1000 years-temporal = time - things related to time St thomas aquinas-tabula rasa = blank slate-implication is that wen we are born, we are blank slates - there is no soul yet - it enters ur body over time as u experience more of the world - one could argue that this is the first instance of the cell-for the social world affecting the self...
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