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Week 4(9) - consequences of them Does the self exist-these...

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Week 4(9) 400 years later…john locke -our capacity to think back to our memories, that is our identity - buuut we know that amnesiacs cant remember past, but still themselves -we know isnt fully true, but most of us feel it's true cuz we identify intimately with our past and experiences -we are attached to those memories as we believe they are a core part of our identity John butler -our curent and future self are related - there are times wen we do things for the momentary pleasures w/o consideration of who will suffer from the
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Unformatted text preview: consequences of them Does the self exist?-these philosophers do what philosophers should do (generally do today)-does the self even exist -_-; Descartes-the very famous quote, cogito ergo sum - I think therefore I am-went through this whole meditation state where he doubted everything-the one thing he cant doubt is that there is something going on - and that thing is me-not so original - st augustine said this in 354 ad...
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