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Week 4(10)

Week 4(10) - determines how the world is to us ex...

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Week 4(10) David hume - hundred years after descartes -no such thing as the self - ur all deluded lol -u cant find urself - u only notice the sensory details Immanuel kant -considered the smartest philosopher around his time, but also probably the most confusing one -the more confusing u are, the more intelligent u are perceived ;p -he used to say that he didn’t want simple ppl to understand him -he also never left his small town his whole life -talks about two calsses of things in the world -noumena and phenomena -noumena are things we will never know and the way the mind works,
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Unformatted text preview: determines how the world is to us ex: color-kant also considered the father of cognitive science-all we ever know is phenomena and the self is only noumena-the phenomena/feeling of cold, is all we'd experience and we can infer something-like symptoms vs disease - all we see are symptoms not the disease itself-we know the self from its effects/its symptoms-daryl ben's self perception processes - doesn’t mean we literally look at ourselves...
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