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Week 4(11) - -we can think about our future and past selves...

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Week 4(11) Can a flashlight see itself? -other ppl can sometimes know more about us than we do ourselves cuz it's hard to see urself -ppl are generally better at observing others than selves The self at war -beginning to go into the modern age -the 1800s have a lot in common with the 1900s in terms of globalization, technology, industrialization, and so on -2 particular philosophers who were both friends and enemies schopenhauer -we're very motivated to do what will help us survive -humans fortunately have this other half of ourselves - the idea - men transcend his slavery to the will
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Unformatted text preview: -we can think about our future and past selves and think about who we aspire to be and who we used to be and how we are so that we can be a better person-an ongoing struggle between these two parts-sounds a bit like the id and the superego-cuz freud stole from him XD - they didn't live that far from each other and wen criticized, said he doesn’t know schopenhauer - after his death, they found schopenhauer's works under his bed filled with commentary XD heheheeeee - didn't appropriately cite his sources lol...
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