Week 4(12)

Week 4(12) - sides of the individual-talks about thtem in...

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Week 4(12) Nietzsche -same two motivational forces as schopenhauer, but gives a different framing of that -thinks of them in very different ways -focuses on greek culture - dionysian and apollonian cults -apollonian groups were the poitcal ppl -dionysian ppl were the ppl who partied all the time -the two groups hated each other -talks about how they represent the psychology of the individual - the warring
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Unformatted text preview: sides of the individual-talks about thtem in the sense of how we can infuse with each other - we can lose ourselves in the moment and that is wen we feel most ourselves, even wen its wen we're losing ourselves-this is what binds us to the world...
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