Week 5(1)

Week 5(1) - -wants u to get the points if u read the book...

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Week 5(1) Midterm -will post a practice exam sometime this week - Thursday or Friday -review sheet for section will be posted too -Monday next week, 5-6 or 6:30pm, in this room (Moore 100) a review session - will be podcasted -OH Wednesday before the exam itself -he does NOT keep reading the books every quarter so questions about the books, should be addressed to TA -will post a practice exam, including some questions about the book
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Unformatted text preview: -wants u to get the points if u read the book - an incentive to read the book-typically 45-50 MC questions, he'll bring the scantron - please bring your own #2 pencils-almost everyone finishes well before the hour and 15 mins - most will finish in about 40 minutes-the final is the exact same heheeee End of last lecture, talked about schoppenhaur and nietsche...
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