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Week 5(2) - -ppl will go through hs to get the best grades...

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Week 5(2) Nietzsche -u have ur ingrained sense of self - u think it's personal and is something that emanates from u - its unique and yours -nietzshe says that’s an illusion - all things profoundly shaped by forces around you in ways we don't usually know/identify -we generally have values that benefit society and not us specifically -in terms of apollonian and Dionysian -society is helping u construct the apollonian side of you - all things associated with ur culture, perhaps ur family -once these ideas get inside us, we think they came from us internally -one example is the freshman who shows up to college, preparing to go to med school only to see that he really doesn’t like it – lots of ppl begin and realize this same realization
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Unformatted text preview: -ppl will go through hs to get the best grades possible to go to best college in order to become a doctorwhy?-example! in liebermans family, had a jewish grandma who from a young age was asking him to be a doctor-in a lot of families, this happens too-we allow what society tells us is a good idea to invade our beliefs - we go for it w/o really realizing what we're embracing-many pros/cons about being a doctor and many are very suited for the part, but there are also many ppl who are just doing it cuz society tells them to-why pick on doctors? Cuz this phenomenon occurs cuz they ARE so important, that more ppl are generically pushed to be them despite it not fitting the temperament...
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