Week 5(3)

Week 5(3) - time in ur life ur running around doing things...

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Week 5(3) Modern views on the self -views get a bit more postmodern -nietzsche - why does he have the image of being crazy? Cuz in last 15 years of his life, really did go crazy -_-; -naïve realism Jean-paul Sartre -Transcendence of the Ego - not a very well known book of his, but a very insightful book -no longer debating whether the self exists, but is debating the self itself -wenever we think of ourselves, the self is not really there -like a fridge - wen u open the door u see the light on, and wen u close it, u think it's still on cuz u don’t see if off -we assume same thing - self is there wen u look for it (reflecting on it urself), but most of the
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Unformatted text preview: time in ur life, ur running around doing things and there is no evidence of the self u identify urself with-sartre's idea: the thing that makes u reflect on urself is being seen by others-we tend to treat other ppl as having particular characteristics ex: friends who are fun to have fun with and friends who like to have deep discussions-we try to put ppl into categories so we know what to do with them-gets scary wen u realize other ppl are doing it to you-we're motivated by the q of "who am i?"-I want to know what others think of me, and not knowing creates anxiety...
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