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Week 5(4) - -would u have memories of urself if there were...

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Week 5(4) Sartre - the look -u cant look inside u and figure out how others see u -lots of things are dependent upon what others think of u and so we try to figure it out -anxiety is really what we worry others think of us -if no anxiety, we wouldn’t try to figure out who we are -not enough to just figure out who u are, but we also try to actively construct the right observable self for others and this can be a very conscious reflective process -a lot of things we do are designed to make us like the person we want to be - the person more accepted in school, by peers, by teachers, by parents, etc -we want to be someone who will b accepted and so we work hard to make ourselves someone acceptable, valued
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Unformatted text preview: -would u have memories of urself if there were nobody around?-we know ppl who are raised by wolves tend to have a better understanding of self than others-ex: would u ever stop to think about ur memories?-our parents are very concerned with us becoming people that others would like-why isnt this automatic?-cuz early on, nothing is automatic - at a young age, we're already watching those older than us-especially 7th and 8th grade, ur really obsessed with which clique ur in - mid school/hs, we tend to be very conscious about which group - lots of conscious reflective-ex, ur cat couldn’t care less what we think of her - has conscious experience, but not conscious reflective...
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