Week 5(5)

Week 5(5) - -clearly, we CAN be wrong about ourselves, ex...

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Week 5(5) William james -divides self into 2 parts - the "me" = all those object-like qualities that all of us can know of ourselves ex: if u think of urself as nice or as a teacher, that's "me" -also includes the ppl u relate to such as ur family or friends -essentially the “me” is all the answers to the "whoa m I" question -will say that it's our attempt to create a thumbnail sketch of ourselves
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Unformatted text preview: -clearly, we CAN be wrong about ourselves, ex matt isn't an introvert-I have as many selves as there are ppl who recognize me-we're diff w/our parents than our friends, diff w/our college friends than hs friends-not trying to be diff, but something about these groups of friends that brings out these diff. selves-the you thats you is different depending on who youre with...
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