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Week 5(6) - careers-back then no choices to be made we have...

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Week 5(6) Roy baumeister -the guy who did the work on the “self” in the past 25-30 years -wrote a book called “identity” – our notion of the self, is a fairly recent event in human history -more or less, if u go back 1000 years, there was no such thing as the self -his argument is that there are some things that cause the self to exist and develops and grows -rather than just focusing on other ppl judging u as Sartre did (though baumeister would agree that’s one way), he believed that it’s the difficult choice points in our lives that create the self -the times when we have to make hard decisions about what we’re going to have to do -hard decisions – what we struggle with is “am I the person to do this or this?” ie law school or not? -is the person I want to be the type of person that would do well as this or that? -that choice process is a way of revealing to ourselves and to each other who we are/ what we’re made of -the self is regulated by the social environment -ex: back in the day, only the royalty or wealthy went to school or thought about
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Unformatted text preview: careers-back then, no choices to be made - we have so many choices today - especially who to marry-back in the day, u generally either married ur neighbor or arranged marriage or no marriage at all-choosing where to live is a big choice today too - no choices about that back then either-ppl spent their whole lives living in the same house as parents - no choice-religion - everyone back then had the same religion and there was no discussion or debate about it-1000 years ago, ppl most likely didn’t have to make the choices we make today - basically all these choices are how we describe ourselves-ex: suicide-it’s largely shame of self - if u don’t have self or shame of self, u wouldn’t have suicide-it’s a relatively new construct-personality not same as identity - we can have personalities, but our identities are diff-we identify with specific goals/values, but it may not be our personality...
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Week 5(6) - careers-back then no choices to be made we have...

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