Week 5(7)

Week 5(7) - -was painted in 1434 first time in history of...

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Week 5(7) Jan vannyke -dutch painer in 1400s -incredible sense of detail to painting -painting for most part back then, had tried to be representational but something was missing -this painting really known for seeing every hair on the dog, falling naturally -also the draping of the dress – one of the first who really got it done precisely -very famous for another reason for our purposes: reflected in the mirror in the background -he painted himself into the painting
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Unformatted text preview: -was painted in 1434 first time in history of painting where u saw artist appearing in own work-whole concept of post-modernism is putting my own subjective construal on the page-a representation of me on the experience-back then, they were trying to paint a photographic image - no1 ever thought of putting themselves into the artwork-u begin seeing self portraits not too long (w/i 100 years) after this painting...
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