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Week 5(10) - -sat was meant to measure something like IQ...

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Week 5(10) -review sheet up -Tuesday stuff on midterm -Monday review - all q&a - will not have anything prepared - ta's will answer q's in first 10-15 mins about section stuff -Wednesday of next week, longer than normal OH Self control -marshmallow study! One marshmallow now, or 2 marshmallows in some undetermined time -they're struggling hehe -funny thing is those who could wait the full 15 mins, scored on avg 210 points higher on the SATs lol. -the ability of self control is a better predictor of sat score than IQ
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Unformatted text preview: -sat was meant to measure something like IQ, but self control at 5 years old is better-best technique = literally reframe what they're looking at - pretend marshmallow is really a picture of a marshmallow Are prairie dogs self aware? Nope Are babies self-aware? For a couple of years, very likely that they are NOT self-aware Are babies other-aware?-yup-babies obsessed with trying to make sense of us - those around him, but not sense of self...
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