Week 5(11)

Week 5(11) - -we internalize their perspective constantly...

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Week 5(11) What does the 'other' do? -what other ppl do for us when we’re little (specifically, your caregivers) -see slide -we treat our kids like they have a self - ie wow ur so smart, ur so athletic, etc -we also tell them the way he should be all the time, ex good boys don’t hit and push other children -they also take care of us – make sure we have our basic needs and make sure we do things we should be doing -our parents regulate us as babies/kids -kind of like wen ur a baby, ur parents are like ur prefrontal cortex (the thing critical for self- regulation) How the other shapes our 'self'
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Unformatted text preview: -we internalize their perspective constantly watching our parents and seeing how they respond to things-we start to treat ourselves like we have a self cuz parents treat u like u have a self u internalize those comments-ex: they say ur smart, athletic, etc they say that u have these characteristics and we see what were like-over time, we learn to soothe our own needs little by little, thats what the process of growing up is to the point of u regulating your own life-these ideas were formalized by George Herbert mead...
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