Week 5(13)

Week 5(13) - society would think of you if they knew you...

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Week 5(13) Generalized other -the generalized other – voices in chorus in our heads, telling us what they think of what we do -his suggestion is that wen u figure out what others think of you -idea is voices are there -how we think of ourselves is influenced by others -very similar to Nietzshe we think we have values, but really from others -when think of self, really other-aware -you’re never alone when thinking about yourself (according to mead) -generalized other is like the superego (though mead did develop his construct first ;p) -generalized other = your internal interpretation of what your mother & others would think of what you’re doing right now ex: cheating – the part of you that says “no, not ok”, is a simulation of what your mother and
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Unformatted text preview: society would think of you if they knew you were cheating on the test-thinks introspection is really just an illusion – thinks the most astute ppl knows how to evaluate things better, but not necessarily evaluating themselves –they recognize that they don’t know everything but others have valid points about you (lieberman’s opinion, but not proven) Adult brain (about reflected appraisal question)-when think of self, see top pix-when think of others around you, see bottom pix-what does your mom think of you? you get all the parts highlighted cuz you’re thinking of both your mom and yourself...
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