Week 5(12)

Week 5(12) - out what someone thinks about u, and that...

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Week 5(12) G.H. Mead -all his books published in 1934, but he never wrote anything down -wen he died, his students reconstructed his lectures -those are his only books -we learn about ourselves through reactions and feedback from others (we come to see the social objectiveness that Sartre and kant talk about through others) -we cant see ourselves so we look at other ppl to see qualities reflected back onto us -reflected appraisal is what u think somebody else thinks of u and his suggestion is when u figure
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Unformatted text preview: out what someone thinks about u, and that person is someone u value, u'll see that as urself-we pick up feedback from others all the time ie he sees ppl getting bored in class and might assume hes boring-a reflected appraisal is what you think somebody else thinks of you-does it matter if what you think they think is actually what they think?-what ultimately matters is what you think they think...
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