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Week 5(14) - Week 5(14 Kids brain(about reflected appraisal...

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Week 5(14) Kid’s brain (about reflected appraisal question) -you get all the highlighted for both about selves and others -kids seem to be doing something social when you ask them something like “are you generous” -adults are done with it – they already know (have their minds set) on who they are -some evidence that when kids just think about themselves, they seem to be doing something social Objective Self-Awareness -an attempt to take Mead philosophy empirical (a useful scientific model) -Wicklund – at any given time, can either focus on the world outside or turn attention inwards -we’re either lost in the world of activity as Sartre describes (the pre-reflective level), or we can turn the attention inwards – hard to do both of those at the same time -when u focus on yourself, u focus on urself as a social object for others – ur focusing on that “object” factor of urself -should really be object self awareness, cuz is focusing on selves like you’re an object rather
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