Week 5(15)

Week 5(15) - -subjects read this passage while reading in...

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Week 5(15) OSA & social “object”ness -in a series of studies, he made hypotheses on these assumptions -hypothesis: being made objectively self aware should make you evaluate urself from the outside -the actor-observer effect study shows this well -we often think the other shows their personality but think self isn’t Actor-observer effect -wicklund had ppl read a passage where they imagined themselves driving a car, a bit faster than speed limit -little boy accidentally throws ball into street and u hit the boy with the car – so…how responsible are you for this accident?
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Unformatted text preview: -subjects read this passage while reading in one of 2 rooms – one with no distinctive features, one has a little mirror directly across from your face (literally seeing urself from the outside)-argument is that by seeing urself, it activates self-awareness – gets u to reflect on urself as an object for others-ppl blame themselves more when they’re in front of a mirror than wen they aren’t-a similar experiment but with ur heartbeat played back at u shows same result-essentially, wen something reflected back at you, u reflect more on urself like ur a stranger...
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