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Week 5(16) - -had ppl fail at some task and they either did...

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Week 5(16) OSA is aversive -another wicklund idea -hypothesis: osa makes us feel bad -on avg, that’s true but in everyday life, if everything going well, we rarely think on ourselvses -being osa reminds us how we should be and reminds us how we aren’t doing something well enough -had ppl fill out a self-esteem scale (you saying how valuable u are) -either in a normal room -with a mirror -with a tv (not thinking about ourselves) -the less you think of urself, the more you like urself -good explanation of why ppl watch tv so much -u like urself the least wen u look at urself OSA & escape -hypothesis: because osa is aversive, ppl will try to escape
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Unformatted text preview: -had ppl fail at some task and they either did that task in front of a mirror or not-told to do the task and experimenter will come back (like the john bargh experiment – note: bargh was automaticity experiments discussed earlier this quarter)-experimenter never comes back so they look at how long u stay there before u leave-if u fail and in front of mirror, ppl leave more quickly-any other combination, u stick around longer-something inadvertently driving u – not just failure itself, but failure and self-awareness-essentially, we try to escape situations that make us feel OSA...
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