Week 5(17)

Week 5(17) - of the year (speculation, but an interesting...

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Week 5(17) OSA & behavior -the only other alternative to escape is to conform ur behavior -if in front of a mirror, more likely to conform to what society expects -great experiment – Halloween trick or treaters – had doorbell triggered to ring his phone too -told to take only 1 piece of candy -half the time, there was a mirror right in front of the kids -regardless of age, kids steal less candy if the mirror was there vs no mirror -doing the right thing, just cuz can see themselves in the mirror -interesting point: they’re all in costumes = they’re anonymous -diffusion of responsibility – the less identifiable I am as an individual responsible for my actions, the more I can wreak havoc -wen ur 13,14,15, ur kind of walking around osa all the time why they were the biggest thieves -sooo maybe it’s not the mirror, but really the anonymity that they don’t usually enjoy most
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Unformatted text preview: of the year (speculation, but an interesting point to think about)-overall, wicklund thinks osa is bad, BUT if theyre narcissistic, their self reflection isnt very good their social interactions arent really good theyre social readings they get from others, arent very accurate (so telling ur kids theyre perfect isnt necessarily good) What gets activated?-wicklund saying whats being activated while being osa are ur values-if really ur values, why do they have to be activated?-ex: I dont need a mirror to remind me not to kill anyone-what nietsche would say is that general other activated is societys values thinks can raise the qs of whats being activated? ur values or societies?...
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