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Week 5(17) - of the year(speculation but an interesting...

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Week 5(17) OSA & behavior -the only other alternative to escape is to conform ur behavior -if in front of a mirror, more likely to conform to what society expects -great experiment – Halloween trick or treaters – had doorbell triggered to ring his phone too -told to take only 1 piece of candy -half the time, there was a mirror right in front of the kids -regardless of age, kids steal less candy if the mirror was there vs no mirror -doing the right thing, just cuz can see themselves in the mirror -interesting point: they’re all in costumes = they’re anonymous -diffusion of responsibility – the less identifiable I am as an individual responsible for my actions, the more I can wreak havoc -wen ur 13,14,15, ur kind of walking around osa all the time why they were the biggest thieves -sooo maybe it’s not the mirror, but really the anonymity that they don’t usually enjoy most
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Unformatted text preview: of the year (speculation, but an interesting point to think about)-overall, wicklund thinks osa is bad, BUT if they’re narcissistic, their self reflection isn’t very good their social interactions aren’t really good – they’re social “readings” they get from others, aren’t very accurate (so telling ur kids they’re perfect isn’t necessarily good) What gets activated?-wicklund saying what’s being activated while being osa are ur values-if really ur values, why do they have to be activated?-ex: I don’t need a mirror to remind me not to kill anyone-what nietsche would say is that general other activated is society’s values – thinks can raise the q’s of what’s being activated? ur values or societies?...
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