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The new and exciting product to market from the Kraft family is colorless Kool-Aid. Kraft family, stockholders, and stakeholders let the marketing team introduce the colorless Kool- Aid. Drink and do not worry about spilling or stains for this product is colorless as the water added in. On the table the marketing team has placed the original 72 flavors, and next to each of those flavors is the coordinating colorless flavor. Touch the powder, feels the same, taste the same, the only difference is in not obtaining the stain on the fingers. Children love the bright red Kool-Aid man, but the parents will love even more the stain free colorless Kool-Aid man. Welcome in the new and exciting colorless Kool-Aid, the drink not just for children, but adults too. Organization Overview Kraft mission statement is helping people around the World eat better (Kraft Foods, 2011). Kraft has been a household name company for many decades. Regardless of place, time or day, Kraft takes food very seriously. The greatest aim for Kraft is in regard to making today delicious and more than the products manufactured. It defines the company and encourages the Kraft family to make a delectable difference within the company, within the communities, and within the universe (Kraft Foods, 2011). The Kraft vision lets everyone know – from staff, patrons, purchasers, and places where the products manufactured, to the market; what is important to the company. This succeeds in
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representing the significance of health and wellness, moreover it also substantiates all the ways that society can eat and live better. The pleasure of a dessert, the ease of a microwave meal, the assurance and value of the Kraft products and the services and resolutions afforded. At Kraft Foods, the company believes that people can enjoy what they eat and still live a healthy lifestyle (Kraft Foods, 2011). Description of New Product Kraft is not just acknowledged merely as an ardent seller of food, on the contrary, along with all else, which goes with an enjoyable food experience. The Kraft family offers a wide assortment of hot beverages and refreshing cold beverages, one of which is Kool-Aid. Kraft has been marketing this famous brand for over a half of a century. Kool-Aid is not only sweet; it has less than 1/3 of the sugar then that of soda. Regular Kool-Aid also has a cost advantage it is 1/3
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coolade - The new and exciting product to market from the...

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