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web site search assignment - Running head ASSIGNMENT WEB...

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Running head: ASSIGNMENT: WEB SITES SEARCH 1 Assignment: Web Sites Search Nikki Vergets Acc/230 6/26/2011 Connie Poynter
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ASSIGNMENT: WEB SITES SEARCH 2 Assignment: Web Sites Search Financial tools and strategies are used by many companies to find success; this gives the company a way that they can use business transactions to influence the market prices for their shares. These financial tools include stock dividends, reverse splits, and splits. Dividends and splits can be located in a company record for a lot of different accounting periods. Stock dividends are paid in shares of stocks used in place of cash or in addition to a dividend paid in cash. When a company issues a stock dividend, rather than cash, there usually are not tax consequences until the shares are sold. Stock dividends and cash dividends are not the same. When a cash dividend is issued the stockholder then receives cash and, dividends of stock do not symbolize something of any real type of value to the stockholder unlike the cash dividends. When there is an issuance of stock dividends a stockholder receives more shares, yet the amount of ownership within the company always stays the same. There is a decrease in retained earnings when a company issues out stock dividends. Another thing is that the company’s net assets do not change. A company generally issues stock dividends to make a difference on the market value of their stock. So basically, it comes down to the more shares the company issues the more the market value of that stock for the company is going to drop.
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