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BUSN 110 Assignment Three -Four-Case Study_1

BUSN 110 Assignment Three -Four-Case Study_1 - BUSN 110...

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BUSN 110 Assignment Three & Four The University of Glamorgan, Business School (hereafter GBS), located in Wales, United Kingdom, is interested in articulating with the Triumph College, School of Business. GBS has, for some time, been affiliated with other Colleges and Universities in Canada. If successful articulation with Triumph College can be achieved; current and former students would receive credit for courses equivalent to those leading toward a UK Bachelors degree offered by GBS. The UK degree is recognized throughout Canada both in academia and the business world. Studying at GBS would require residence in Wales. Students applying are automatically considered for one of these scholarships upon receipt of their application. Undergraduate degree Courses – £1,500 per year Postgraduate degree courses – £2,000 Master of Business Administration (MBA) – £1,500 An added benefit of studying in the UK is students would have more direct academic exposure to current, practical international business in the European Union (EU).
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