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OMGT 401 – Term Paper Assignment You are the Operations Management Team of an organization and, as such, are responsible for aiding in the formulation of the Organization’s Mission and Strategy as well as developing appropriate strategies for the operations function. For this assignment, you need to Choose a specific product (good or service) perhaps from a segment of “How it is Made” from (google How it is Made) or from viewing an episode on the Discovery Channel and write a paper about the operation that you are part of that makes these products. It could be about making baseballs of custom cars, you decide but, your team needs produce a report that has a HEADING with at least 3 paragraphs (two on the learning components and one on the ethical and social responsibilities) applying the course material on each and every one of the following topics as follows:
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Unformatted text preview: Executive Summary Part C 1. Introduction, Mission and Organizational Strategy Part A 2. Quality Control Strategy Part A 3. Product Design Strategy Part A 4. Process Strategy Part B 5. Capacity Planning Strategy Part B 6. Supply Chain Strategy including Outsourcing Part B 7. Forecasting Strategy Part B 8. Inventory Management Strategy Part C 9. S&OP Strategy Part C 8. Resource Planning Strategy Part C 9. Conclusion: Part C i.e. reflect on how you will use the information gathered about operations management to demonstrate behaviours and values that will form a successful, lean operation. Additional Comments: Team size is 1-3 persons and your assignment is due as follows: Part A: Week 5 10% Part B: Week 10 10% Part C: Week 13 10% Notes: You may combine Parts B & C and hand in the complete paper on week 13 if you prefer. Late papers will not be accepted without medical documentation from all team members in accordance with School Policy....
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