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Case 6 - will bring about financial repercussions Providing...

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Memo To: Diana Coleman From: Anonymous Date: 23:38:15 Re: Job Sharing Opportunities Angela Harper and Le Ying Yu have proposed the idea of job sharing. The idea came up when Angela discovered Le Ying Yu had the same desires as herself. A part-time job is what both Angelina and Le Ying are striving to obtain. Both want more time to spend at home with their families, and to do this they both are willing to give up responsibility and pay. This arrangement of job sharing could help the company. Although Angelia is already doing a great job, I feel it is possible, if job sharing is involved, the job can be ran with more efficiently and energy. The less time each person spends at the job, the less they become tired of the job, and the more production they can put forth. Angela and Le Ying are more than capable to handle part-time jobs. Although the company will benefit through production from the job sharing, there are negatives which
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Unformatted text preview: will bring about financial repercussions. Providing extra personnel will lead the company to either provide another person with health insurance, or force Angela to give up her health insurance, since she is working part-time. The adding of health insurance adds a major increase in business costs. However, if we force Angela to give up health insurance the job-sharing offer might not be available. I feel it is in Urban Systems best interest to not allow the job-sharing to take place. The added increase in health insurance would be a waste of money. Although increase in job production would happen the increase of insurance would outweigh the increased income. Allowing job-sharing in this department would bring other departments wanting job-sharing as well. This would make for more spending and by stopping the job-sharing here, we will prevent future problems occurring. 2...
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Case 6 - will bring about financial repercussions Providing...

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