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Guide for Z620 Presentation

Guide for Z620 Presentation - what paper you will be...

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Guide for Z620 Presentation: 1) Introduce the virus and the disease(s) . This is the "why do we care" section. You should clearly show what the incidence or prevalence of the disease is, the severity of the disease, lethality or economic impact. 2) Disease control. Is there a vaccine? How effective is it? What are the problems with vaccination? Cover the same points for antiviral therapy. 3) Background on the agent of disease. How is it transmitted? What factors affect the transmission? Where in the body does it replicate? Molecular biology of replication. 4) Pathogenesis. What host-pathogen interactions influence pathogenesis? Immune response to infection. 5) Set up the paper. At this stage you should set up the question that the primary literature you will discuss addresses. 6) Paper review. Journal club style. You need to let the class know a week before hand
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Unformatted text preview: what paper you will be describing. You can select any paper that interests you. This not paper bashing so try and select a good paper. 7) Short discussion of how paper relates to public health problem and where the field stands on the issue. Subjects to be covered: HIV pathogenesis HIV control - vaccines and antivirals Influenza pathogenesis and genetic variation Ebola virus pathogenesis Arbovirus (flaviviruses primarily) control and immune mediated pathology Measles virus and SSPE - viral persistence and alteration of disease state Poliovirus eradication SARS - characterization of a new human pathogen Hepatitis C virus - the search for a replication system BSE/CJD - infectious proteins Schedule of Class: March 11th March 18th ?? March 25th April 1st April 8th April 15th April 22nd April 29th May 6th 1:30pm in JH A514...
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Guide for Z620 Presentation - what paper you will be...

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