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CIS 3003, Fundamentals of Information Technology Assigned: 8/28/2008 Fall 2008 Assignment #1 (10 pts.) Due: 9/4/2008 in class Instructions : Write (or type up) your answers clearly and concisely. Be sure your answers represent your own work, i.e, no plagiarism or team work is accepted. No late assignments will be accepted unless prior arrangements are made. 1. Fill out a pre-survey at the University’s Service Learning Center site http://www.fctl.ucf.edu/studentexpectationsurvey/ . Write down the date and time when the survey is submitted (and a confirmation number if provided). 2. Name five (5) areas of IT that are of most interest to you, listed them in the order from the most to the least. 3. Give 3 distinct types of analog devices, and 3 distinct digital devices.
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Unformatted text preview: Be sure the types you give are as diverse (distinct) as possible. Analog: Digital: 4. The graph of standard sine and cosine functions are given below ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinusoid ): Graph the following functions using a Graph the following functions using a coordinate system, showing the x-axis and y-axis including proper marks and at least a full cycle of the curve: (a) y = sin( x + π ) (b) y = 2sin( x − 0.5 π ) 5. Prioritize the following list of non-profit organizations based on your preference for a service-learning project of this class: government, school, business, church, hospital, others (please specify)....
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