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CIS 3003, Fundamentals of Information Technology Assigned: 9/11/2008 Fall 2008 Assignment #2 (10 pts.) Due: 9/18/2008 in class Notes added after class on 9/11/2008: See highlighted text below in Q1 (line 3) and Q2 (with new links provided). Instructions : Write (or type up) your answers clearly and concisely. Be sure your answers represent your own work, i.e, no plagiarism or team work is accepted. No late assignments will be accepted unless prior arrangements are made. 1. Given the following 64-bit floating-point value in IEEE 754-1985 format: 1 11010110011 0101001 (followed by 45 zeros). Be sure to show how the calculations are done manually or using a calculator (e.g., using Windows Calculator): (a) Find the decimal value (and show the steps of your work). (b) Conversely, convert the answer of Part (a) back to the 64-bit floating-point format (and show the steps of your work). 2. The Windows NTFS file system stores date/time stamps for files using the UTC/GMT format. The procedure below describes conversion of UTC/GMT time to local time:
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