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CIS 3003, Fundamentals of Information Technology Assigned: 9/18/2008 Fall 2008 Assignment #3 (10 pts.) Due: 9/25/2008 in class Instructions : Write (or type up) your answers clearly and concisely. Be sure your answers represent your own work, or cite the references you used, but no team work is accepted. No late assignments will be accepted unless prior arrangements are made. You are to do some research and answer the following questions for a hardware problem on a PC running a Windows operating system (e.g., Windows XP): A customer came with a PC and a flat-screen monitor which would not display anything (i.e., blank screen) when the PC is powered on. It appears that the PC is booting and the screen has power but the screen is blank. The power light on the PC shows
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Unformatted text preview: yellow color (as apposed to green in the normal case). Also, there are some LED error codes showing on the front panel of the PC. It was suspected that the video card went bad. Answer the following questions based on your experience or citing references (online, books, etc.) you can find that seem relevant. (a) What is the significance of the front LED error codes when the screen is blank? (b) How would you determine if the video card is bad? (c) If you are to replace the video card what are the possible issues in regard to the bus connector used for the card? (d) After the video card was replaced and the PC seems to start and display but the resolution on the flat panel is lousy. What would you address this problem?...
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