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CIS 3003, Fundamentals of Information Technology Assigned: 11/18/2008 Fall 2008 Team Project (20 pts.) Due: 12/2/2008 in class Instructions : This is a team project replacing the service-learning project stated in the original course syllabus. Team members need to arrange for meetings, and need to keep a journal of the work performed, time, place, and system used for the work, minutes of team meetings, amount of time spent by each member, division of work among team members, and design document of the project. You need to submit a report by the due date with these details. All team members will receive the same grade on the written part of the project (i.e., report and project implementation). There will be oral presentations scheduled for the last two classes of the semester (Dec. 2 and 4); every member of the team will be required to speak and individually evaluated by the instructor. Objectives : To learn how to use PHP and MySQL to design and implement a web site for UCF’s
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Unformatted text preview: Information Technology program, using a Debian-Linux based virtual machine as the support platform. Details: Your design of the website should use the existing page as the basis and contain at least the following features: • IT Program’s Mission, Objectives, Outcomes • Curriculum • Sample 4-Year Plan of Study • Course Descriptions and Syllabi • Program Brochure • IT Faculty/Staff • IT Internship • User Queries • Graphics • MySQL database (at least five tables and at least three relationships between tables) • FAQ • At least one additional feature of your choice; examples include: site map, calendar of events, password-protected pages, performance statistics, flash, video, links to IT news, etc. Sample database tables include: courses, faculty/staff members, classes, Internship companies, etc. User queries should use the database to extract relevant information based on user input....
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