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CIS 3362 Exam #2 Review Questions 1) Break the following permutation cipher: Mmeeuabxnolrbiwltweoekbpoon 2) What is the result of encrypting goodlucktotheprogrammingteam using a column permutation cipher with the keyword homes and the padding character z? 3) Convert the following hex string into binary: 011011011111010100111010. 4) Compute the xor of the two following hex strings and give your answer in hex: 9a6f3 , b3d76 5) Calculate the first four "rounds" of an LFSR with the following initial contents: 10011011 (cell 1 first, cell 8 last) With the rule to xor cells 3, 5 and 8. Show the contents of the bit to shift in for the next
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Unformatted text preview: round as well as shown in the book on page 108. 6) Consider a stream cipher that has encrypted a plaintext abcdef and created the ciphertext 101110 . Now, you have inserted the bit 1 into the plaintext so it now reads a1bcde . When this second plaintext gets encrypted, the corresponding ciphertext is 100101 . Determine the values of bits bcdef . 7) Let the input to S-boxes 1 through 4 in DES be 923fa0 . Determine the corresponding output from those s-boxes in hex. (Note: Your answer should have 4 hex characters instead of 6.)...
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