Hmk2 - CIS 3362 Homework #2 Classical Polyalphabetic,...

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CIS 3362 Homework #2 Classical Polyalphabetic, Polygraphic Ciphers Due: Friday, 9/24/10 This is a group assignment. Each pair of students should turn in one write-up in class on the due date. Both students' names should clearly be at the top of the front page of the assignment. Students may also turn in the assignment by themselves if they do not wish to have a partner. Decode the following ciphertexts using either of the tools provided on the course web page. In your write-up, describe the steps you took and why you took them in decrypting the ciphertext. At the end of your description, reveal the full matching plaintext. 1) (Vigenere) kdiosqnxivoivtiffeilsopkugpaoaukiegsdyedrflbqkatlukncetaifb pneaqydwoeglswahluojvpnhpsleeoyvhdlnvnzjtvmwoegjstkaswinewk utkpwzrwuhghvjgrrehnbvythiuzwkhxjbvfpapyisrvtpnjasveicslbui rqxqwovaxuvwjvmhdsexeuzijuqraxuvoqzsvjmnshxyvlhtcudiprvflvo ivtiffeil 2) (Vigenere) avqwgbvzlnslksscifwnkfszevofjbrviarnjxffvrwbklhzurwiibjvmih lahbviarnjxftpnqwgmvvxeltgpwctohnjxsoipwmcfskpvqaclzragwcox
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Hmk2 - CIS 3362 Homework #2 Classical Polyalphabetic,...

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