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CIS 3362 Homework #4 Grading Criteria 1) 20 points – 4 points for each, give partial credit as you see necessary. 2) 10 points – 3 pts for determining phi(201). 3 pts for then stating that 49 132 ≡ 1 mod 201. 2 pts for plugging in the fact for 49 1058 , and two points for reducing 49 2 mod 201 properly. 3) 20 points – 5 points for each of the following values: p, q, e, and d. Only award three points of the five if they haven't adhered to the number of digit specifications. 4) 25 points – 5 pts for prompting the user for the appropriate information, 10 points for doing regular modular exponentiation until arriving at 1. 5 pts for seeing if that exponent
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Unformatted text preview: is p-1. 5 floating points to be assigned for anything else you see 5) 25 points – 10 points for using the Extended Euclidean Algorithm to find x and y. 5 points for showing that M to the power (13249x+14567y) mod n is M. 4 points for calculating the inverse of 19647 mod n. 3 points for calculating 4222 to the 12456 mod n. 3 points for calculating 5327 to the 11329 mod n. (Note: This can also be solved by first calculating 19647 to the 11329, THEN calculating the inverse of THAT value.)...
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