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CIS 3362 Homework #6 Hash Functions Due: Monday, 11/29/2010 over WebCourses 11:55pm. Note: This is a group assignment. Each pair of students should turn in one write-up in class on the due date. Both students' names should clearly be at the top of the front page of the assignment. Students may also turn in the assignment by themselves if they do not wish to have a partner. Your goal will be to find two different strings that have the same hash value according to this function (in C): int arup_hash_function(char* word, int length) { int IV = 0x1359df69; int i=0; while (i < length) { int value = word[i] << ((8*i)%32); IV = IV ^ value; //IV = (IV & 0x80000000) | (IV << 1); IV = ((IV & 0x80000000) >> 31) | (IV << 1);
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Unformatted text preview: IV = (IV << 16) ^ (IV >> 16); i++; } return IV; } Please turn in the following over WebCourses: 1) The source files for any code you write to solve this problem. 2) A short write-up (.txt or .doc) with the following information: a) Your two strings, exactly. b) The hash value they produce (exactly) c) Your overall strategy d) The memory requirements for your approach and how you met those requirements. e) How much time it took to obtain the match NOTE: NO TWO GROUPS ARE ALLOWED TO SUBMIT THE SAME PAIR OF MESSAGES. TO THIS END, ONCE YOU FIND TWO MESSAGES, PLEASE POST THEM TO THE DISCUSSIONS IN WEBCOURSES IN THE CATEGORY, “ASSIGNMENT #6 MESSAGES”...
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