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Grading Criteria for Program #6 (100 pts total) Comments, white space etc.: 10 pts Reads in the filename and reads from it: 5 points Reads in the key: 10 points Sets up round keys: 15 points Initial Permutation: 5 pts Expand right: 10 pts Xor in function: 5 pts Sboxes: 10 pts Permute in function: 5 pts XOR after function: 5 pts Swap sides in round: 5 pts Runs 16 rounds: 5 pts
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Unformatted text preview: Switches halves at end: 5 pts Inverse Permutation: 5 pts Give partial credit in these areas as you see fit. Just make a decision and be consistent. Hua – if it works, give 90 and then give 10 points for comments and style if it doesn't work, try to figure out which of the steps is incorrect and just take off points for that step....
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