case 10 - Urban Systems Memo To From Date Re Employees of...

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Memo To: Employees of Urban Systems From: Anonymous Date: 03:03:04 Re: Photocopying Policy Company Photocopying Policy Recently it has come to my attention photocopying has been a growing concern for all departments. Officially, there is no policy concerning photocopying, which leaves many questions as to where copies are to be made and what is allowed to be copied. The company has provided copiers to all departments for convenience; however, many people have been taking advantage of the copier usage and have been making copies for personal use. The purpose for a photocopying policy is not only going to ensure Urban Systems that its employees are not taking advantage of its resources, but to also increase productivity. The policy will hinder people from using work time for personal use, and therefore will increase revenue. The policy will also save money, as expenditures will decrease from the usage of less ink and paper. In order for our company to maximize profits there will be guidelines to follow in order to use the
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case 10 - Urban Systems Memo To From Date Re Employees of...

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