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Template for proposal - Template for proposal The class...

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Unformatted text preview: Template for proposal The class project is designed to be a study of a particular frontier technology area. The technology being studied should be at an emerging stage with the expectation that it will be a main business enabling technology in three to five years. There are two kinds of class projects • Research Oriented Term Project These projects should be traditional research study comparing and contrasting the core technology across a number of different applications geared towards solving specific business problems • Applications Oriented Term Project These projects are gear towards prototyping of an emerging technology to solving business problems in emerging markets. Outline of Proposal 1. Cover Page a. Topic b. Authors c. Class d. Date 2. Executive summary A brief summary that capture the more salient aspects of the entire proposal Table of Content Body a. Introduction b. Problem Statement i. Business Components: loss of revenue / market share / poor customer service / inefficient business operation ii. Technology Component: lack of automation/lack of adequate integration/lack of adequate operational efficiency ---Detail write-up c. Applications Oriented Term Project Propose solution i. Technology Component: 1. Architecture 2. High level design 3. Explain how the architecture address issues identify in the problem statement such as the following: a. Lack of automation b. Integration c. Operational efficiency ii. Business Component: Creation of new market opportunities / improved operational efficiency / 3. 4. d. e. f. Research Oriented Term Project i. Identify three or four broad application of relevant technology in the domain with respect to solving business problem ---Detail write-up ii. Identify the some of the major innovative breakthroughs that were essential for the adaptation of the technology iii. Compare and contrast the applications Summary References ...
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