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Outline of Status update presentation The major area that should be addressed in the presentation are given below 1. Title Page: (1 slide) a. Topic: Specific and General Area b. Team members 2. Concise Problem Statement (1-2 slides) a. If possible outline business and technology components of problems 3. Personal Interest and Motivation (1-2 slides) a. Present your personal interest and motivation for choosing your project b. State what you intend to accomplish from this project 4. Subject Background (1-2 slides) a. A brief recap of the subject background. Were your subject area falls in the general landscape. 5. Detail of Proposed Work and Method of Approach (2-3 slides)
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Unformatted text preview: a. State areas to be researched, compared and contrasted b. Given an outline of the detail proposed work (method of approach) c. If building a prototype, state the scope of the prototype. This is, the functionality of the prototype 6. Tasks Assignment and Schedule (1-2 slides) a. If in a group, give a breakdown of the task assignment b. Give a schedule of the work to be done 7. Status Update (1-2 slide) a. Give a status update as to exactly where you are with your work If you are working in a group you can designate a member of the group to do the presentation. All member of the group are required to responds to questions....
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