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Term Project Overview COP 4910 – Frontiers in Information Technology Spring 2009 The group project should be approached as if you are conducting real-world projects in the IT arena. Many of the facets involved in project planning and development will be explored including: Project planning and scheduling Reading related papers, journal articles, reference texts Performing research Performing experiments or building simulation/proof of concept models (where possible) Performing analysis Drawing conclusions Making presentations – 15-20 minute final presentation to present your findings. Projects should clearly describe the capabilities of a new information technology and its ability to address business problems. The overall Project should be conceptualized as finding and proposing a solution to a business problem. The solution to the problem must incorporate some type of emerging information technology with the expectation that the technology will become a major business-enabling force within two to five years. The written version of the project should be a traditional research study comparing and contrasting some old and new core technology across a number of different applications geared towards solving specific business problems. The length of the body of the final written project
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TermProjectoverview - Term Project Overview COP 4910...

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