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COP4910: Frontiers in Information Technology Summer 2002 Dr. Denver Williams 407-823-4964 dwilliam@cs.ucf.edu denver-williams@cfl.rr.com The presentations are allocated 15 – 20 minutes. Location: ENG-II 105 Presentation Raster for Tuesday June 11, 2002 Time Student (Group) Name Proposal Title 2:00-2:15 Eric Powell Peer-to-Peer for use in the workplace 2:15-2:30 James McColskey Distributed Computing Solution To Help The It Professional Manage Their Internet Infrastructure Using Software Agents 2:30-2:45 Scott Horn Michael Howard Kanon Lo Eric Fenell Wireless Visual Communication 2:45-3:00 Carlos Jenkins Web Service Technology 3:00-3:15 Bret Hackford Aaron Miller Kevin Mann Voice over Internet Communication VoIP 3:15-3:30 Michael Scamehorn Web Content: Virtual Shopping Engine 3:30-3:40 Stephanie Fisher Thang Nguyen Prayas Patel Christine Urich CoWeb for Creative Writing 3:40-3:50 Jared Davies David Ertel Mike Commeau Kike Ladowski A Digital Approach to a Complicated Problem, Diabetes 3:50-4:00 Jon Friskics Steganography in the 21 st
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Unformatted text preview: Century Presentation Raster for Thursday June 13, 2002 Time Student (Group) Name Title 2:00-2:15 Tanya Ho Julien Campbell Semantic Web for Analysis 2:15-2:30 Matthew Aiello Voice Over IP 2:30-2:45 Daniel Luttinger Gaetano Giglio Jr. Ashish Trivedy Gerald Young Peer to Peer Technology: Established, Reshaped, & Forming the Future of Business 2:45-3:00 Pedro Jose Gutierrez Peer to Peer Technology in Business 3:00-3:15 Hao Lun Huang Wireless LAN and Bluetooth: An Analysis of Coexistence Approaches 3:15-3:30 Richard McConnell Nicholas Johnston Microsoft .NET 3:30-3:40 Ryan Buenaventura Rusty Caslib Wireless Application Security Issues 3:40-3:50 Melvin H. Huggins III Tomorrows Network Security Technology 3:50-4:00 Frank Hinek Nick Landman Daniel Hinden Wireless Network Security in the Business Environment If your name does not appear on the presentation raster it is because I have not received an electronic version of your proposal via email. Please contact me immediately. Please do not miss your schedule presentation slot....
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update_presentation_schedule - Century Presentation Raster...

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