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COP 4610L – Operating Systems Assignment 2 Due Wednesday June 12, 2002 Dr. Denver Williams ENGR 440 407-823-4964 [email protected] Summer 2002 Office Hours Wednesday 2:30-3:30. Also by appointment. I will try to answer e-mail questions in a timely manner; concise questions are likely to elicit quicker responses. Instructions Please work independently. Please turn in your work via email to the grader: [email protected] There will be no make up exams, assignments, or tests. The following question are taken from the class text “Advanced Java 2 Platform: How To
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Unformatted text preview: Program” 2.3 Modify class WebToolBar (Fig 2.3) to include a JComboBox from which the user can select URLs from the history. 3.4 Create an image viewing application that support drag-and-drop loading of images. When the user drags and drops an image file onto the application window, load that image in an ImageIcon and display the ImageIcon in a JPanel You are to turn in the java classes and thing else that is necessary to run your program. Zip everything and send it to the grader. Page 1 of 1...
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