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COP4610L – Operating Systems Assignment 4 Due Wednesday July 10, 2002 Denver Williams ENGR 440 407-823-4964 [email protected] Summer 2002 Office Hours Wednesday 2:30-3:30. Also by appointment. I will try to answer e-mail questions in a timely manner; concise questions are likely to elicit quicker responses. Instructions Please work independently. Please turn in your work via email to the grader: [email protected] There will be no make up exams, assignments, or tests. Assignment is taken from the course text, 13.3 The current implementation of class
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Unformatted text preview: WeatherServiceImpl downloads the weather information only once. Modify class WeatherServiceImpl to obtain weather information from the National Weather Service twice a day 13.4 Modify interface WeatherService to include support for obtaining the current day’s forecast and the next day’s forecast. Study the Traveler’s Forecast Web page You are to turn in the java classes and anything else that is necessary to run your program. Zip everything and send it to the grader....
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