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assignment5 - void increment void compute_sum_square void...

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COP4610L – Operating Systems Assignment 5 Due Wednesday July 24, 2002 Dr. Denver Williams ENGR 440 407-823-4964 [email protected] www.cs.ucf.edu/~dwilliam Summer 2002 Office Hours Wednesday 2:30-3:30. Also by appointment. I will try to answer e-mail questions in a timely manner; concise questions are likely to elicit quicker responses. Instructions Please work independently. Please turn in your work via email to the grader: [email protected] There will be no make up exams, assignments, or tests. The objective of this assignment is to build a simple CORBA application, exposing you to the environment and basic issues involved in developing CORBA applications. 1. Create an IDL definition file containing the following specification module counter { interface Count { attribute long long sum; attribute long long sum_sq; attribute double sum_sqrt; void init_sum();
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Unformatted text preview: void increment(); void compute_sum_square(); void compute_sum_sqroot(); }; }; 2. Use the IDL2Java pre-compiler to generate the stubs and skeletons 3. Modify the skeletons to implement the methods 4. Modify the Client to increment the counter, compute the sum, square and square root of the sum. You should compute the sum by incrementing the counter. For example to set the sum to 100, use a for loop and increment the counter 100 times. 5. Display Sum, sum square, and sum sqroot. 6. The client should set the sum to 100, 200, 345, and 87. The following should be submitted for grading 1. The IDL File 2. The server implementation file 3. The client implementation file You are to turn in the java classes and anything else that is necessary to run your program. Zip everything and send it to the grader. Execute Sum Square Root Sum Square Sum...
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