COT3100Hmk01 - p q) r] (q ? r) is equivalent to (p q r)....

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COT 3100 Fall 2002 Homework #1 Assigned: 8/21/02 Due: 8/29/02 (in lecture) Do the following exercises from the textbook: Section 2.1 (ppg 54-55): 8e, 8h, 12a Section 2.2 (ppg 67 - 68): 4, 6d, 18ab Section 2.3 (ppg 87 - 89): 4abcd, 8, 10bfh, 12ab Extra Question #1 Let ? be an unknown boolean logical operator. The logical statement [(
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Unformatted text preview: p q) r] (q ? r) is equivalent to (p q r). Given this information, there are 2 possible truth tables for the boolean logical operator ?. List, with proof, both of these truth tables....
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